Friday 23rd April 1999


One day, I was cleaning the bath when suddenly a trap door opened under me. I found myself down a hole. Splatt! I landed in some mud. I had landed in Bird land - birds were everywhere, some landed on me, and then a big Great Tit came up to me and insted of tweeting it said "Hello". I was shocked so much that I went red in the face. Then it said, "Do come to tea". We had nuts and apple and then it said, "Do you know why I have brought you here?" I asked (because we have to find a golden nut) "How do that?" it is marked by a red cross, but we have to find it before the winter witch does. Let’s set off to find it. After six days of searching the bird said we would stop tomorrow, but as he said it, I rushed over to a tree and there was a red cross. We started to dig and we found it, the bird started digging, and I went to find all the other birds in the forest. We had a huge feast and we got very strong and we overthrew the witch.

Copyright Christopher, aged 7, 1999.







The End.