Shoalhaven river pictures
The walk to THE BIG HOLE
Marble Arch
Deua National Park, NSW


Deua national park is about 45 km from the town
of Braidwood, population 1100, which is a
historical settlement on the road from
Canberra to the NSW coast at
Bateman's Bay.


The Shoalhaven river in winter.

The Shoalhaven river crossing.

The track through the woods to the river.


A view of the eucalyptus woods.


A termite mound, rock solid.



The dunny (unisex toilet)


The lyre bird that lives in THE BIG HOLE


An upland view. The walk to THE BIG HOLE takes up to an
hour from the Shoalhaven river. Beyond that the
track dips to MARBLE ARCH and is a strenuous
walk taking up to a half-day.

1st October 2002.