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DJJ -- a picture, August 1999.

DJJ was born in England in the 1940s. He was educated at

He is a sometime Scholar of St Catherine's.
There are some pictures "Nova et Vetera" of St Catherine's in the 1990s and the 1960s.

He holds the following degrees:

   BA:- Physics, 1965 Oxford (MA 1973).  
   MS, PhD:- Applied Physics, Stanford 1968, 1979.
He has worked for Oxford, Stanford, Aberdeen, Nottingham and Surrey Universities, and has been an attached staff member of the Materials Physics Division, AERE, Harwell, Oxon.

He did his postgraduate studies at the Microwave Lab, Stanford, in the late 1960s, working on Office of Naval Research and US Army Electronics Command contracts to support himself, aided by Stanford's generous tuition scholarship scheme at that time. He then worked for Aberdeen University in the early 70s on X ray scattering from phonons; and moved from there to Nottingham University in the late 70s working on phonon frequency-crossing spectrometry and neutron scattering experiments which were performed at AERE Harwell and the ILL in Grenoble. In 1979 he moved back to Oxford to a University Lectureship in the Physics department, Clarendon Laboratory. In the early 80s he ran the Oxford Physics Department's electronics option course and developed his research into non-linear properties of ferroelectrics, started at Stanford, and developed into an interest in electronic chaos and complex systems. He moved to Surrey in 1983 where he has been since. At Surrey he has taught in the areas of microwave engineering, mathematics for telecoms, and antennas.

He was Editor of the International Journal of Electronics ( Taylor and Francis Ltd) from 1988 to 1996.

He is a member of the Institute of Physics ,
the Institution of Electrical Engineers ,
and the Audio Engineering Society.
In 1969 he was elected to Sigma Xi of which organisation he is currently a "Member At Large".

Email d.jefferies@surrey.ac.uk
4th September 2004