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Nesting Bluetits of Surrey


These narrative illustrated files are listed with the most recent at the top, then in sequence going back in time.

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Date stamping of picture filenames is by a number in the format *-yymmdd.jpg

2006 pictures and notes page

The flickr site with 2006 photos and notes.

Thumbnailed index page of all pictures up to 4th June 2005

2005 Observations page.

The 2005 bird observations page.

2004 Activities page.

The 2004 bird activities page, with picture links.

2003 Diary.

The diary page with picture links, 2003

Spring 2002 nesting season.

The narrative page with picture links, 2002

Spring 2001 nesting season.

Fledging day: box 1 birds leave - (eleventh page) 6th June 2001
The fledglings, developing days 14-18 - (tenth page) 4th June 2001.
A day in the life of the growing chicks - (nineth page) 28th May 2001.
Four-day-old chicks doing their stuff - (eighth page) 24th May 2001.
The remaining eggs hatch in box 1; an egg opens live on camera (seventh page) 19th May 2001
The first eggs hatch and feeding starts (sixth page) 17th May 2001
Egg-laying is complete. Sixteen eggs in two boxes will hatch soon (fifth page) 4th to 16th May 2001
Building starts. A battle for occupancy, fighting in the box and soundtrack (fourth page) 14th April 2001
More inspection, second pair replaced by third pair (third page) 6th April 2001
New birds take over and inspect (second page) 1st April 2001
The new season starts (first page) 9th Feb 2001

Autumn 2000 roosting pictures and narrative

A new roosting bird moves in on 1st October 2000.

Spring 2000 nesting pictures

fledging00.html 2nd June 2000.
nestsounds.html 30th May, sounds.
preflight00.html 30th May
nestlings00B.html 28th May
nestlings00A.html 26th May
chicks00B.html 25th May
chicks00A.html 19th May
eggs00A.html 13th May
eggs00.html 9th May
nestB.html 30th April
nestA.html 21st April
inspectC.html 7th April
inspectB.html 26th March
inspectA.html 25th March
tweet.html (birdsong).

December 1999-January 2000 roosting pictures

usurper.html 22nd February
rroost.html 4th January

Spring 1999 nesting attempt pictures


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