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By Edward J Jefferies 1909-1991, written 1969.

Ted Jefferies worked at ICI on Uranium extraction for the Chalk River research reactor during WWII. After that he spent time working with Sir John Cockcroft, building research reactors at AERE Harwell, UK. Then they wanted him to make bombs, so he left AERE and joined the overseas development activity. This draft unpublished book was written 18 years after he started to work for the Nigerian Civil Service, where he had the idea for, established, and built FIIRO, the Federal Institute of Industrial Research at Oshodi, (still going strong in 2004) and then for the United Nations in Guatemala, (ICAITI) the Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) (SISI), Afghanistan (UNDP), Argentina (UNDP), Uganda (UNDP), and New York (UN).

{There is a pdf copy of one of his early papers, in 1937, for the design of a "super-centrifuge" for the separation of colloidal mixtures and liquids. This worked by spinning a cylinder with compressed air, and was developed into the "ultra-centrifuge" technology that enabled the separation of U235 from U238, because the molecules have different weights.....}

The thesis of this book is that the gap between rich and poor countries is growing, and cannot be narrowed without producing explosive growth of 25% pa in the third world countries. In this book he tries to show how that might be done. It is arguable that since this book was drafted, the growth rates that he suggested have been approached by the successful Pacific Rim countries. Other countries have not been so fortunate and the technology and economic gap continues to increase.

It seems appropriate to publish this book draft on the web now as it is a historical document, it may be of some interest, and it has no chance of revision now E.J.Jefferies has died.

Copyright is vested in David Jefferies. I am grateful to the University of Surrey for providing the web page space, and to Karen Arthur for typing the carbon copy MS onto disk. Imperfections in the text are the responsibility of the author, Edward John Jefferies.

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17th November 2004