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Teaching Aids

For the MSc courses at Surrey,

There are some notes on the use of
There are notes on the treatment of There are comments on There are also notes on

Undergraduate notes.

These include:-

Microwave engineering problems and exam papers

There is a picture of the

There is a

Other teaching resources.

There is a comment on the examination process, and the exam marking process, at

There is a page discussing the notions of

in electronics, and the sign of the dB figures assigned to them.

There are under development a series of

on topics which I have found difficult for students in tutorials.
There are also some for general interest and background reading.
There is an exchange of letters with the BBC about on the Radio 3 BBC classical music transmitter in Guildford, which may explain why you hear all those burbles, birdies, and whistles when listening to your favourite Scarlatti sonatas and Bach cello suites.

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24th October 2005.