An Autumn Walk

17th October 2004

The soft breeze rustled the leaves on the ground, the trees
swayed slowly in the wind. Ahead, the path flattened out, the
steep slope turned into an easy walk through the trees.
All around me were multi-coloured trees, their leaves
brown, orange and red or in some cases a mixture.
This contrasted against a background of green grass
which created a stunning view.

From each of the trees came a chorus of bird song,
each one singing a different tune. This was all you could hear
along with the wind rustling the branches of the trees.
All the songs seemed to be in harmony, all combining together
to create a superb sound.

As I walked, the soft grass beneath my feet was flattened,
leaving a trail of footprints through the field.
Eventually these would disappear and it would look
as if no one had ever visited this place.

The top of the hill gave a superb view of the countryside,
a sea of colour stretching as far as the eye could see.
Small cottages were visible, dotted here and there,
enclosed by a blanket of trees and nature. The mist had burnt
off, allowing the sun to illuminate the scene. As its rays
hit the ground, a new life seemed to begin.
Creatures were waking, nature starting a new day to
complement the birdsong.

Squirrels were visible in the branches of the trees,
rabbits hopped in the grass, all starting their hunt for food.
The day had begun.


Copyright © Christopher Jefferies; 17th October 2004

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Nineteenth of October, Two Thousand and Three.

Admission board at Winkworth Arboretum, Godalming, Surrey, UK.